There’s More to Michigan than the Lakeshore

Posted by Andrea Crossman on Friday, June 26th, 2020 at 9:04pm.

There’s More to Michigan than the Lakeshore | Andrea Crossman Group

At more than 3200 miles, Michigan has more coastline than any US state except Alaska. Often called the Third Coast, Michigan’s shoreline features towering dunes, beautiful harbors, and waterfront towns both large and small.

The Michigan shoreline, and especially West Michigan, are often the draw for homebuyers looking for waterfront property along Lake Michigan stunning beaches, or on of the many smaller lakes that dot it’s coast.

However, Michigan has so much more to offer homebuyers moving within the state or those relocating to Michigan from somewhere else. West Michigan boasts several of the most popular destinations for homebuyers, including Lansing, Holland, and Grand Rapids.

Grand Rapids and the surrounding area includes artsy communities, colorful cultures, and high-end homes.

One of the more popular destinations in West Michigan is the city of East Grand Rapids. Located within the Grand Rapids metropolitan area, East Grand Rapids borders two inland bodies of water – Reeds Lake and Fisk Lake.

The city was originally founded in 1830 by families relocating from New York. East Grand Rapids came to national attention in 1974 when it was noted as the legal home of the 38th US President, Gerald Ford. 

The East Grand Rapids downtown, known as Gaslight Village, features upscale shopping and a variety of restaurants serving everything from pizza to fine foods. And, most stores and eateries are within walking distance of a parked car.

East Grand Rapids is also known for the luxury homes that ring the two inland lakes. Large and small homes perched on the waterfront or nestled in the surrounding woods are available throughout the East Grand Rapids area, as well as the greater Grand Rapids housing market.

If you are considering a new home in the East Grand Rapids area or anywhere throughout West Michigan, please contact one of our expert agents and discover the beautiful homes we represent. Whether you are interested in a waterfront property or something hidden away in the woods, we can match you with the home you’ve been searching for.   

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