The Waters are Still Rising but Home Prices are Staying Put

Posted by Andrea Crossman on Wednesday, May 20th, 2020 at 12:36pm.

Lake Michigan Waters |Andrea Crossman Group

West Michigan has seen quite a bit of rain so far this year, with late April downpours breaking local records up and down the Michigan Lakeshore. However, the record precipitation along with the affects of Covid-19 on the West Michigan housing market, have done little to dampen homebuyer’s spirits.

With the rise of virtual open houses and 3D home tours, waterfront real estate buyers are still showing a great deal of interest in offerings from South Haven to Manistee and beyond.

The heavy rains have brought some flooding concerns, and with the flooding, attention has returned to the high Lake Michigan water levels. Water levels in the big lakes set record levels in 2019 and are expected to do so again.

Although Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, which rise and fall together, have dominated most discussions, the smaller, coastal lakefronts have also been affected by the higher averages.

This year, Lake Macatawa and Spring Lake have also seen some of the highest water levels on record. With all of the high water issues it’s easy to assume that the housing market has been negatively affected, but the West Michigan real estate market has remained strong.

Like most other environmental factors that touch any industry, the record-setting water levels on the Great Lakes are part of a cycle. The rise and fall of the Great Lakes levels span up to 35 years. Prior records were set in 1986, when the water level peaked and then began to recede, hitting record low levels were set as recently as 2005.

As we navigate through 2020, the high water levels should be considered when purchasing a new home. Water levels are likely to hit and hold their peak late in the year before falling once again. However, whether 2020 is the peak year or not, falling water levels are inevitable.

The West Michigan real estate market has remained strong throughout the first half of 2020. Interest in waterfront and luxury homes has been steady, creating opportunities for buyers and sellers alike.

Dozens of small towns along the Lake Michigan provide buyers with a variety of choices in location and lifestyle. Spring Lake and Lake Macatawa, for example,  both give avid boaters a sheltered body of water big enough for recreational boating. The shorelines of each are peppered with beautiful waterfront houses that include docks for boats of almost any size.

For homebuyers looking for waterfront real estate alternatives to the Lake Michigan shoreline, Lake Macatawa and Spring Lake are both beautiful locations with lots to offer. Hiking trails, state parks, and pet-friendly towns give residents a variety of shopping and dining opportunities after a day in the woods or on the water.

Although water levels may remain high this year, potential home buyers and sellers along the West Michigan lakeshore will see the natural cycle reverse once again, bringing lower levels across the Great Lakes and inland waterways.

The housing market in West Michigan and along the Lakeshore has remained strong and is full of opportunities. If you are looking to purchase or sell a waterfront home, please contact the experienced team of realtors at the Andrea Crossman Group today and let us help you find the home of your dreams.

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