Return of the Beaches – Great Lakes Water Levels Receding

Posted by Andrea Crossman on Friday, May 7th, 2021 at 12:46pm.


After reaching their peak in late 2020, Great Lakes water levels have slowly but surely drifted down from record levels since last December. This presents some great news for people with lakeshore homes whether they are on the Lake Michigan shoreline or along the rim of the smaller bodies of water like Lake Macatawa or Spring Lake.

The extreme water height in every Great Lake and connected bodies of water created problems for some homeowners, with stormy weather creating waves that hit the dunes below higher up and harder.

The resulting erosion put some homes in danger, especially those closer to the edge of the bluff overlooking Lake Michigan below. In extreme cases, the erosion posed the threat of collapse and homes needed to be moved away from the edge to prevent them from sliding over the edge as well.

As the water recedes, those dangers also subside while man-made solutions put in place, such as rock revetment, create barriers along the beach to prevent the crashing waves from hammering away at the soft sand above.

As the water levels drop along the West Michigan lakeshore, many beaches that have been submerged for two years are beginning to show again. Steps down the face of the dunes no loner end in the high waters below, instead, they once again lead to Lake Michigan’s sandy beaches below.

Great Lakes highs and lows have run over a 30-to-35-year cycle for centuries. The past two years were the peak of the cycle, and although it is impossible to project where nature’s next steps will lead, the general opinion is that last year’s record highs are likely behind us.

As the high water recedes, the lakeshore’s beautiful beaches slowly return, bringing the promise of normalcy with it. With summer closing in, there is hope for sunny days at the waters edge, perched in a lawn chair, or searching for sea glass, or throwing a frisbee with friends.

For all of those things, West Michigan waterfront homes are the perfect place to gather with friends and family, spend weekends at a summer cottage, or watch the stunning West Michigan sunsets night after night from your primary home’s porch or couch.

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