Buying a West Michigan Home When You Own a Boat

Posted by Andrea Crossman on Monday, April 13th, 2020 at 9:43pm.

Buying a West Michigan Home When You Own a Boat | Andrea Crossman Group

When purchasing a new, or new to you, home, it’s pretty common to have a list of Wants, and list of Must-Haves. The perfect home in an ultimate location might be given a pass if it’s missing a 3-car garage or a Michigan Room.

For boat owners moving to a new home, the list of must-haves can be unique. They may include a larger dock or substantial sea wall depending on the body of water or the size of the boat.

Or, the purchase may depend upon the ability to build the necessary accommodations for a bigger boat. If the structure isn’t already present, permitting, zoning, or other limitations may make or break the sale.

For the owner of a vessel 30- to 40-feet in length or larger, many standard docks are not strong enough to handle the vessel if the weather turns rough. Of course, alternatives exist if the owner is flexible and doesn’t mind docking in a marina, but there’s nothing quite like walking from your back door to your dock.

Boat owners can be particular when it comes to the make, model, and size of their preferred vessel. For many people, it’s also hard to move down in size when you’ve been operating a bigger boat for some time. Or, if the boat was purchased for a specific purpose, such as day or weekend trips with an extended group of family and friends.

The Lake Michigan shoreline has very few beachfront locations where boats can be kept in front of a home. The high dunes and unpredictable water make it difficult to build a dock that can properly secure a vessel of any size.

However, there are dozens of lakes and ports up and down the shoreline that offer beautiful waterfront homes on smaller, better-protected bodies of water. For owners intent on West Michigan waterfront, locations like Holland and Lake Macatawa offer secure, comfortable berths for both vessel and captain alike.

Holland is not the only option, however. St. Joseph, South Haven, Grand Haven, and Muskegon provide plenty of shelter for vessels kept in the water behind stunning waterfront homes with access to beautiful boating opportunities.

Further north, White Lake, Pentwater, Ludington, and Manistee make great home ports for avid boaters. For locations like Lake Macatawa and Muskegon, there is enough shelter that boaters can enjoy a day on the water even when the wind has kicked up a fuss.

West Michigan is big on boating, with plenty of day trip destinations within reach by water. For larger vessels, the West Michigan shoreline even provides easy access to Chicago and Milwaukee by boat.

For boat owners looking for waterfront homes along the Lakeshore, there are lots of properties available that check every box. Whether the captain needs room for a 20-foot pontoon or a 50-foot motor yacht, the perfect West Michigan port exists with no need to compromise on the list of Must-Haves.

If you are looking for a homeport along the Lakeshore, reach out to the team at the Andrea Crossman Group today and let us help find the perfect place for you and your crew to drop the anchor.

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